Great Article Highlighting Neptun Light Induction Products in Aviation

One of our distributors  did an interview with Hangarsphere Magazine about retrofitting air craft hangars using Neptun Lighting, Inc Induction products.

HangarSphere then called Robert at Neptun for an interview and was invited up to see the factory.

This is what came out of the it.

Great Article!!

 HangarSphere Magazine “Tesla’s 100+ year-old invention finally gains momentum”


Also check out this Induction Retrofit before and after photo.  The before is this hanger in NYC using 1000 Watt MH fixtures and the after is Neptun Light 32500-UNV-850, 500 watt High Bay Induction Fixture:

AAG Hanger


AAG After

It still amazes me just how much more visual light you get using 1/2 the wattage!  The mechanic’s were thrilled with the new light!!